Holiday Decorating Services in Lake County

The holidays bring many things to look forward to, such as family gatherings, winter weather, and delicious treats. At 27 Houses, one of our favorite things to do this time of year is decorate. Incorporating holiday pieces into your existing interior design can create a warm, festive environment for your family and any visitors you receive. 

If the thought of decorating gives you anxiety, let us take the responsibility off your shoulders. Our holiday decorating services in the Lake County area provide a charming transformation without the hassle. 

Unpack Your Favorite Decorations

If your storage area is bursting at the seams with holiday décor that you never display, we want to help. To start, our professional holiday decorators can sit down and go through these boxes with you to determine which pieces you want to see and which ones need to go. If you have family heirlooms that need special consideration when we decorate, let us know, and we’ll ensure those unique pieces stand out. 

It’s time to dust off your décor and let it shine throughout the holiday season. 

Source New Décor

Individuals who just moved into their first homes may lack any holiday décor, or the pieces they do own may be old and worn. In these cases, new décor is the only way to go. Before we source new items, we’ll discuss the specifics of what you want. No matter which holidays you celebrate, we’ll find the right décor to express your values and traditions.

Wow Your Guests

Visitors can be frequent during this time of the year, and your holiday décor can make an instant first impression. With our residential Christmas decorating service, you can prepare for your yuletide gatherings with style and charm. Whether you want whimsy or sophistication, we’ll pull off the desired vibe. 

Don’t wait for the holidays to pass you by—use our holiday decorating services in Lake County to prepare for the season. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.