Lake County Interior Design Color Consultants

Color is the perfect starting point for any design project. The scheme you pick often guides you through the rest of your choices. Even if you know what colors you prefer, the challenge is bringing it all together in a cohesive, eye-catching way. Our Lake County interior design color consultants have the expertise to complete this challenge on any budget. 

Full Color Schemes

We provide complete interior color scheme services to help you capture your vision in the most stylish way possible. Whether you know which colors you prefer or don’t know where to start, we’ll ask the right questions to find a scheme that appeals to you. We incorporate color in the following areas:

Paint Colors

Wall color can have a big impact on how open or confined a space feels. Not to mention, it can be hard to predict how that small paint swatch will look on a bigger canvas. Choosing interior paint colors can seem like a trial-and-error process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our color experts can advise you on which colors suit the mood you hope to achieve. We can also spot subtle color differences in swatches and help you choose the right tone for your space. 

Accent Fabrics

Accent fabrics should complement your paint color, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to match. The key is finding textiles and patterns that bring out your desired tones and create a stylish pop. We’ll help you make the right choices when it comes to these fabric design accents: 

  • Curtains 
  • Furniture upholstery 
  • Throw pillows 
  • Blankets 

Wood Tones

Many people forget the role of natural wood tones when picking a color scheme. Doors, baseboards, and furniture finishes can act as additional color accents in the room. At 27 Houses, we’ll consider how existing wood tones will interact with your chosen color scheme and recommend the best solutions. 

If you know you want to add color to your room, let our Lake County interior design color consultants help you layer these new tones in a stylish, thoughtful manner. Contact us today for service in Grayslake, Libertyville, Lake Forest, and other surrounding cities.